Code Requirements

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Why Should I have an Inspection? Building owners can be held liable for property damage and/or loss of life in a building that has not been properly maintained and inspected.

The responsibility for properly maintaining a water based fire protection system shall be that of the owner of the property. By means of periodic inspections, testing and maintenance, the equipment shall be shown to be in good operating condition or any defects or impairments shall be revealed.  NFPA 25 (2008); code 4.1.2

The property owner or occupant shall promptly correct or repair deficiencies, damaged parts, or impairments found while performing the inspection, test and maintenance requirements of this standard.  NFPA 25 (2008); code 4.1.4

Commercial Fire Rating Schedule (CFRS) section 402 requires building owners to have annual inspections of sprinkler systems to receive a "sprinkled" insurance rate. OVERDUE OR NON-EXISTENT INSPECTIONS WILL RAISE INSURANCE PREMIUMS.  Insurance Services Office (ISO)