Fire Pumps

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A fire pump is found mainly in larger facilities.  There are two types of fire pumps; electric motor and diesel engine.  This pump is connected directly in-line with the fire protection water supply and is used to "boost" the pressure and volume of water available in the system.  There is typically a smaller pump called a jockey pump connected to this system as well.  The jockey pump is used to maintain a constant pressure on the system without requiring the main fire pump to run.

An ANNUAL fire pump inspection consists of testing/inspecting the following components:

  • Suction and discharge pressure readings
  • Adjustment of packing glands
  • Check casing relief valve
  • Check pressure relief valve
  • Flow readings at churn, 100% and 150% of capacity.
  • Record revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • Record motor voltage and current (electric motor only)
  • Visual check of heat exchanger (diesel engine only)
  • Check of fuel solenoid operation (diesel engine only)
  • Check engine oil level (diesel engine only)
  • Verify antifreeze level (diesel engine only)
  • Check for exhaust leakage (diesel engine only)
  • Check batteries (diesel engine only)
  • Check proper operation of the jockey pump