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Standpipes are typically found in buildings over 3 story's high.  A standpipe is an arrangement of piping, valves and hose connections that are located in such a manner as to allow for fire hose use to extinguish a fire.  Some standpipes provide only valve connections for fire department use and some provide actual fire hoses at the ready for occupant use.  The ANNUAL standpipe inspection is typically included as part of your ANNUAL fire sprinkler system inspection.

Our ANNUAL inspection of the standpipe consists of testing/inspecting the following components:

  • Visual inspection of piping
  • Visual inspection of connections/valves
  • Visual inspection of cabinets
  • Visual inspection of hoses and nozzles

A standpipe flow test is required every FIVE YEARS and consists of testing/inspecting the following components:

  • Exercise each connection/valve
  • Pressure reading at each connection/valve
  • Flow test at the highest accessible level (typically on the roof)